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UntilI can figure out my review blog I will be doing it all from this blog! I don’t know about anyone else but I’m having the hardest time figuring out WordPress!!!! If anyone knows how to rock WordPress and get affiliate banners and such on your blog as well as adding pictures for reviews plz help! Feel free to email me at: or comment below! Thank you so much!


Deciding my candidate RIGHT NOW


I found this post on an amazing blog that I follow and I find it an amazing look in what we go through when picking who we will vote for in the coming presidential elections. His outlook, thoughts, and facts are refreshing and right on mark in my opinion! Read it and tell me what you think!!!



Source: Deciding my candidate RIGHT NOW

Learn How Women Just Like You Earn Big on Poshmark!


Poshmark Blog

Women across the country are making hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month right NOW. The best part? They’re doing it all through Poshmark! Read on to get inspired by three real – and very different – Poshmarkers.

Case Study #1: A 20-something southern California Poshmarker fell in love with how easy the entire selling process is on Poshmark and in just four months, she has been able to sell over $15,000 worth of merchandise. Poshmark has given her the opportunity to make money (and have fun doing so), while being a stay-at-home mom to her young daughter.

Case Study #2: This 47-year old Texan makes $150-$200 a month on Poshmark selling clothes that don’t fit or that she no longer has interest in wearing. She loves that Poshmark gives her the opportunity to get prices for her items that she normally wouldn’t get at consignment stores.


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jolly chic giveaway


Awesome Giveaway! Check it out!


So I was contacted by this company to review some of there items and I don’t like to do reviews right away on items that are sent to me because I want to make sure I get a true feel of the product for you all before I can give it my stamp of apporoval. I managed to grab two items and the shipping was no more then a week, what I did like about the website was it was very honest in there sizing, because I know some companys say true to size and its an xl and feels like an xs. In this case there was a note right next to the sizing saying to get a size larger then you already are because the items tend to be smaller in size, I loved that , to me its little things like that a company does that really…

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