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Harvey Prince’s Ageless Perfume Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Harvey Prince’s Ageless Perfume Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

The first time I ever heard of Harvey Prince was back in September when I got my very first Birchbox and I remember opening up that small little sample bottle of Hello and spraying some on my wrist and falling in love!  I had never smelled anything so divine before and surprisingly it has been like that with every bottle of perfume that I have had the chance to try made by Harvey Prince!  Ageless is definitely no different!  I just love the notes of pink grapefruit, jasmine, and cherry blossom that I smell every time I put it on!  I also really enjoy that it is a lighter scent so that it is not overpowering at all!  So if you have someone close to you that can’t be around strong perfumes or if you yourself find that you get a headache with those stronger scents this one is perfect for you!  And although it does have a lighter scent it does not wear off any sooner than any other fragrance!  In fact just like all the other yummy Harvey Prince scents that I have tried I can apply it first thing in the morning and still find that I smell Ageless when I am finally getting home in the evenings after running all my errands and playing taxi for my many kids!  According to their website “Ageless is inspired by recent studies, which find that pink grapefruit and mango to be the olfactory antidote to aging!  From other reviews and Harvey Prince’s own trials, Ageless makes you feel and smell 8-12 years younger!”-written by Harvey Prince themselves found here:  I can tell you that for me it did smell like a scent that a younger woman would wear and I did feel great wearing it!  I just felt like I as younger and fresher!


NOW FOR THE BEST PART OF THIS!!!!  Harvey Prince has not only allowed me to review this amazing perfume for you but has also given me the opportunity to do a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY for y’all!  The best part about this giveaway is that there is not entering, following, spamming, or anything like that to enter to win…why you may ask!!!  BECAUSE EVERYONE WINS!!!!  Everyone that takes the time to read this review and decides they would love the chance to try Harvey Prince’s Ageless themselves for FREE can!  The only thing is that you have to pay the shipping & handling which is AMAZINGLY only $6.50!  So you are getting a perfume valued at $27.50 after you pay for the perfume and shipping for ONLY $6.50!  I have taken advantage of many of these deals myself to purchase MANY of their other perfumes they have!  The FREE bottle is the 8.8mL Rollerball which I prefer anyway because they last so much longer than the sprays!!!  If you want to take advantage of this AWESOME deal please read below for the details!  And PLEASE HURRY because the offer is only valid while supplies last!!!!


LIMIT 1 AGELESS MINI ROLLER PER CUSTOMER. Offer valid while supplies last!!!!
Here’s the link to the Ageless Mini Roller product page. It contains the background, notes, etc.:
All you need to do once you click on the link is add the Ageless Mini Roller to your cart and then click CHECKOUT.  Once on the checkout page just enter “freeageless” in the promo code box on the checkout page and then just checkout!  It is as simple as that!!  Please let me know in the comments below if you liked Ageless as much as I have!  And thank you so much for allowing Harvey Prince and I the opportunity to bring you this amazing perfume at such an oustanding deal!!!!
Also if you would like to check out their many other outstanding perfumes that they make here is the link to their website: