Deciding my candidate RIGHT NOW


I found this post on an amazing blog that I follow and I find it an amazing look in what we go through when picking who we will vote for in the coming presidential elections. His outlook, thoughts, and facts are refreshing and right on mark in my opinion! Read it and tell me what you think!!!



Source: Deciding my candidate RIGHT NOW


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I am a 33 yr old housewife to an amazing man that I love with all my heart and the mother of 2 girls(11 and 4), plus I also help take care of and love as much as I love my own girls, a boy(17) and another girl(14). I am very blessed to have the family and life I have. I love everything that has to do with my family, beauty, makeup, and reviewing. I started reviewing products after being burned numerous times by reviewers that were lying either for money or for more free product. I will always share my honest opinion of the products that I test no matter if it is positive or negative. I believe the only way a company can truly improve is with constructive feedback about their products. I have recently made the change from Tumblr to Wordpress because I wanted something more blog like and less Instagram here we go! Let's see how this journey goes!!!!

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  1. I’m afraid I have disappointing news. I took the post down because I changed my mind. I’m voting for Bernie. However, I know that Hillary will win the nomination and most likely the presidency, and I’m totally cool with that. She is an excellent leader.

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    • That is the wonderful part of our country! We have the freedom to vote with whoever we want to! I totally have a piece of me that would like to see Bernie win. I want to see what direction he would take our country. It may end up saving this wonderful and beautiful land and life we have here.

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