Learning how to blog…

Learning how to blog…

This is my first real try at blogging.  I have had a Tumblr account for a while now and it is super easy because all you are really posting is pictures and things you find on Tumblr and other websites but I wanted to take a step further and try to really blog.  I don’t know how this will exactly turn out and for all I know no one will ever read anything that I post.  But at the end of the day whether I succeed or fail at least I know that I tried.  And as that is all that I ask of my children that is all that I can ask of myself.  So please join me on this exciting new journey into my life.  AND PLEASE if you have any suggestions or comments on how I can improve and make both myself and my blog better please leave a comment below!


About A Housewife's Blog

I am a 33 yr old housewife to an amazing man that I love with all my heart and the mother of 2 girls(11 and 4), plus I also help take care of and love as much as I love my own girls, a boy(17) and another girl(14). I am very blessed to have the family and life I have. I love everything that has to do with my family, beauty, makeup, and reviewing. I started reviewing products after being burned numerous times by reviewers that were lying either for money or for more free product. I will always share my honest opinion of the products that I test no matter if it is positive or negative. I believe the only way a company can truly improve is with constructive feedback about their products. I have recently made the change from Tumblr to Wordpress because I wanted something more blog like and less Instagram like...so here we go! Let's see how this journey goes!!!!

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